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Tag: Recipes

Corny Recipe

Sorry about the chirping crickets noise you’ve been hearing here lately. I’ve been really busy with getting my house in shape, and log-jammed at work too. I’ve got a few posts in my pocket ready to go, and here’s a good end-of-summer recipe to get started…

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Potato Salad

Yesterday in a meeting at work someone brought up the potato salad I made for a staff party in Summer 2008. I guess it was memorable — in fact, I was always pretty sure I should win a prize for it. The Nobels have already been given out, but maybe there’s another? Anyway, here it is…

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Grilled Paella

Paella has been a staple in the cafeteria here at world headquarters for over twenty years. Our crack team of chefs has prepared it more ways than you can think of, and has it pretty much down to a science. But the other week when the Times ran a recipe for grilled paella, they…

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