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Happy Birthday

The blog is nine years old this week! In honor, the banner photo is one of the first things I put together on my first freelance project. I stitched together four photos taken through the sunroof of my car, of Ravine Lake.

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Spending part of the afternoon nuking old/irrelevant/stupid posts from the past. Do you care what I had to write about some web technology issue in 2007? Neither do I.

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Upgrade Project

Now that I know a little more about how the Divi theme works, I can knock out a remodel like this in a couple of hours. This page needed to work harder. It’s responsible for selling the entire program, and it needed to show more about what we can do. With a number of style tweaks and the help of a good in-house stock photo archive, I came up with this.

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Migrating a Biggish Site With Power Tools

The Montrose Park Historic District Association is a local group here in South Orange dedicated to protecting and publicizing a beautiful neighborhood of stately 19th century mansions. Their old web site had been designed in 2001 and was looking rather outdated. A lot of the things that it did weren’t being done anymore (merchandise sales,…

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