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South Mountain in Autumn

This afternoon Brandy and I enjoyed a warm sunny day walking through some of the scenic environs of South Mountain Reservation. One of our favorite spots has always been Hemlock Falls. After the three inches of rain earlier this week, this 35-foot cascade was in fine form.

Falls from a distance


Solar Photography

Here’s a photo of the sun, taken by the Super-Kamiokande observatory in Japan. A very unusual photo, not by natural light, infrared or ultraviolet. By neutrino emissions. What’s more, it was taken at night. How do you take a photo of the sun at night? Through the Earth

Sun by Neutrino Light


Newark Renaissance?

Newark has always been the place to go for good Spanish and Portuguese food, and NJPAC is a terrific concert hall. But there are other omens and portends in the air indicating that Newark may finally be turning a corner. Since any omens worth their salt come in threes, here are the ones I’ve seen:…


The Road

Post-apocalyptic fiction in its postwar versions has at least two common threads. One is, they tend to be cautionary tales. The most common of course being the threat of nuclear annihilation. There are too many examples of that to even list. But others themes include, “it’s not nice to mess around with germs” (“28 Days…

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Something much more important than ‘to like’

Picking up a nice bottle of red to go with my steak tonight, the wine merchant here in Maplewood got my attention. Usually they’ve got a Brahms symphony on, but this time it was Stravinsky’s Orpheus. Now there’s something you don’t hear in a retail establishment every day. It got me too looking for I.S. blog resources, where I found a nice piece about his Variations. Here’s to sophisticated taste.Excerpt from Stravinsky Variations

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