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“Where’s my name? Why isn’t my name on this?”

Everybody is talking about how bad the web site of the 45th president* of the United States is.

I won’t even bother to spell it out**. Just look at these two index pages. You’ve all seen blogs before: A post title, a date, an author (maybe), and a brief excerpt or summary. You scan down the page, much as you would a news site, to see what captures your eye.

What captures your eye in the image at the top?

That was the May, 2021, archive. Here’s the April, 2021, archive.

Web page screen cap
The April, 2021, Post Archive

Well maybe the “Desk” tab isn’t your thing. How about the “News” tab?

Web page screen cap
The Latest News

Which brings me to my bury-the-lede anecdote. An agency I worked at in the late 1980s bravely took on the account for the brand-new never-seen-the-likes Trump Taj Mahal hotel and casino in Atlantic City. In retrospect of course it went bankrupt and of course all of its eighth-wonder-of-the-world tackiness went to seed and was sold for peanuts.

But hey, hindsight is twenty/twenty. The agency’s initial creative presentation after winning the account was weeks in the making. Meticulous marketing analysis, focus groups, and historical research yielded a campaign that used historical footage to link the Taj Mahal to a rejuvenation of Atlantic City to its former glory. We were all really excited (because the agency really needed a win at that point).

So the man himself arrives at the agency, and joins the assembled execs and creatives in the conference room for the presentation. I wasn’t in the room — I was down the hall — but several good friends were there. Trump doesn’t even take his coat off. Slumps in a chair and glares sullenly at the projected images.

“Where’s my picture? Why isn’t my picture in this?”

So there’s my anecdote, a tale from over 30 years ago. And that dear reader goes along way towards explaining the pure crappiness of the the blog.

* He would have been the last if he’d gotten his way.
** I’m also not going to give the URL. If you’re really interested you can find it, but I’d rather put a Pornhub link up here than put a link to his site.

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