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Bionic Eyes, Part 2

Back in February, 2018, I had a “procedure” to fix up my eyes. Review here if you like…

My New Bionic Eyes (updated)

In general I was pretty happy with it. I still am actually. There was just this quirk of not being able to read the fine print. As time went by I found myself basically chained to a pair of reading glasses, which I needed to read almost anything — texts on my phone, labels on the shelf — and even for day-to-day tasks that involved looking at small objects.

In retrospect I should have gone with the monovision option. 20/15 may be great for driving, hiking, and general walking-around, but for work and music it wasn’t cutting it. And heaven forbid I left my reading glasses behind (I have about 10 pairs now, in every room of the house).

A Solution

I was hoping to get out of the wearing-contact-lenses business, but the compromise is to wear just one. A reading-strength lens in my right eye. With that it’s a little awkward. For example, my night vision isn’t as crisp since one eye is blurry for distance. I tend to drink and eat with my right hand, which gets in the way when I’m reading.


Onions? If you read the old post the bottom you’ll get it. Also, allergies. If you wanted to do an experiment to see if contact lenses really reduce allergic reactions to pollen you’d put a lens in only one eye. Since we’re in heavy pollen season right now in New Jersey, it’s the perfect time. And sure enough, my left eye is itchy and gritty; but my right eye is fine.

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