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Another Delivery Fail by Home Depot

shopping screen showing higher price
Express delivery, to my zip code, for the 27th. $62 and change. (click to enlarge)
Not a major appliance this time. I just wanted to buy a couple of outdoor trash/recycling bins. I’d rather not strap them to the roof of my car, and was hoping for home delivery. Home Depot offers delivery! But wait, what’s going on here.

I click to continue, enter my email address. Nothing has changed. Same products, same delivery zip code, same date. And look at this price.

original shopping screen with lower price
Same zip, same products — $88.43?
I’m not sure what I’ll do next. Maybe I’ll just try the local hardware shop. Chances are they aren’t operated by guys who turn up their noses at $26.

I went to the local hardware store. Great people, we’ve done lots of business with them in the past. I paid significantly more — but! — I got a much better product, and they delivered them right to my driveway the next day.

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