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The Worst Of Politics, w/o September 10, 2018


Turned Around


It’s 9/11. Trump is Pumped

It’s been pointed out that this is not a photo of what it says it is. September 11, 2018 is (was) overcast and rainy.

Donald Trump is facing widespread social media backlash after he was pictured greeting supporters with a triumphant double fist pump as he arrived to a 9/11 memorial service on Tuesday, the 17th anniversary of the terror attacks.—the far-left People Magazine

Here he is at the Memorial in Pennsylvania.

There’s ample coverage out there about Trump’s numerous lies about what he did on and after 9/11, as well as his thoroughly inappropriate behavior around the subject ever since. I don’t need to rehash, but you can follow the links. But today’s inappropriate behavior? Here’s his first Tweet of the day. Note the emphasis on remembering the victims.

Read this and pump your fist. Go ahead.



Donald Trump thinks that 3,000 dead after the hurricane in Puerto Rico last year was a sign of a great success. Folks in the Carolinas, please head for higher ground.


This one’s not about Trump

Because he’s not the only one.

But then, one hour and forty-four minutes later.

Do I smell a certain — hypocrisy? — in the air.

Also this:

Scroll down the thread a little, and you’ll find a video of Kavanaugh saying exactly what she denies he said.


[O]bama jews

[O]bama jews. Did they really not capitalize his name?

I don’t know how a bunch of anti-Semites can be doing business with the Netanyahu government, and I’m pretty sure I don’t want to know.

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