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Blast From The Past

Back in the early 80s I badly wanted a set of Polk 10s. I settled for a used set of the 8s, and they lasted me a good while. The had a powerful, balanced and clean sound.

But alas, maybe 20 years later, a wayward babysitter cranked the stereo up to 11 and slagged the voice coils. Boy she loved her loud music, this was the second set of speakers she fried. I was quite happy to find another used pair this weekend — the 5A Monitors — of roughly the same vintage. Picked ’em up on a local swap-meet web site for $25, including stands.

They’re a little dinged up, but I connected them the other evening and they sound great. A little ugly-looking on the stands, but whatever. They are a perfect complement to my back-up system in the basement.

My Vienna Acoustics mini-towers in the living room are still my faves. I picked up a pair of demos — heaven forbid I buy something new! — at Harvey Electronics in Manhattan a million years ago. Vienna Acoustics still exists, even though Harvey Electronics is long gone. The Viennas are, I think, a model called “Brahms,” of which there is no trace on the Web. That’s how long I’ve had them.

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