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Basement. The Final Frontier

It’s kind of amazing how far we’ve come in turning the dark dark cellar of the house into something that’s actually a livable space. I mean, look at this from 2 1/2 years ago:

South Wall, Before

And now this:

South Wall, After

Or from this:

West wall, before

To this:

West wall, after

What is now the seating area looked like this:

Seating area, before

And now this:

Seating area, after

Even the utilitarian areas are picking up:

East wall

And the great thing is that it didn’t cost much money. Just a lot of hours. Earlier, I’d written about the kitchen cabinets that fell into our lap. That didn’t cost anything other than some shims to put under them to get them all level. Our handyman provided some labor (b-a-r-t-e-r-e-d) that added a demi-wall, some floor patching and ceiling painting.

The rest was just sensibly pruning, re-positioning and creatively re-using that which we already had, cleaning up and putting everything in its place. And painting the floor and walls. Going from dark grey to light grey made a huge difference on the floor*, and E’s yellow wall paint was a bolt of sunlight.

This keeps up, we’re never going to want to move!

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