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Coming Soon to a Concert Hall Near You

The Amore Opera has a new venue*, and it could be good! The famous Riverside Church in Morningside Heights has a theater (who knew?), and we’ll be doing a bunch of performances of Carmen there. The Sheen Center was nice, but apparently it wasn’t a great fit for us or them. Our programming didn’t fit their usual type of program, and we were really short on space in the wings and in the dressing rooms.

And now with a bigger orchestra space, so we can fit in more winds.

I’ll be back with the Litha Orchestra for their summer season as well. Their performances are at a cute little church in Chelsea, an easy walk from Penn Station. There are several programs, but the one I’m looking forward to is Mahler’s Second Symphony on August 26. Even though I’ve played it before, it’s still on my bucket list because I’ll never get tired of it.

*I’d taken time off because they were performing in a place in Manhattan that wasn’t reasonable for me to get to from NJ.

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