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Millburn’s “Fairy Houses”

20160905_154331We saw something like this in Califon, NJ, a few years ago. Recently in Millburn they’ve encouraged kids and artists of all ages to build “fairy houses” wherever fancy strikes in the Reservation.

Rules notwithstanding, there was plenty of un-natural materials around, but I’m not going to be critical. They were all fun, engaging and surprising — and there were a lot of them. We ventured pretty far down the trail and we were still seeing them in unexpected places. Here are a few:



E. photographs our creation.
E. photographs our creation.

We decided to make our own. On the way out, we started to stack sticks log-cabin style. Kids walking by got in on the act. And on our way out, they’d built it up to twice the original height. A fairy apartment building! We added a roof made out of pieces of bark.

Lots 9 and 13, Glen Avenue, Millburn, Essex County, New Jersey, 07078, United States of America
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