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Another Kitchen Tip

You know how it happens. You buy a container of raspberries at the supermarket, they’re really expensive, and you go in to eat them the next day and they’re already moldy.

It doesn’t have to be that way. A while back I read an article in which a food scientist — probably Harold McGee — no relation — tested immersing berries in 140 (I think) water for 60 (I think) seconds, and showed how that increased their shelf life from overnight to close to a week.

Interesting, but who is going to bother? But a flash of inspiration came to me, like so many other times, that The Perfect Doesn’t Need To Be The Enemy Of The Good. Or the Good Enough. Maximum-temperature tap water does the job pretty well, without messing with the stove, a thermometer and a timer.

As soon as you bring your little beauties home from the market, turn your hot kitchen tap all the way up and let it run for a minute to get to maximum temperature.


If it steams, you’re in business.


Then, right in the carton they came in, run them thoroughly under the hot faucet for 30-40 seconds. Drain them, and refrigerate as you usually would.


I’ve been doing this for a year, and it works great. Right now I’ve got raspberries in the fridge I bought almost a week ago and they’re still good.

Just because you can’t get 100% of the benefit of the exact temperature and time, you’ll still appreciate getting 75 or 80% of it.

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