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Les Miz — The Movie

I never saw it on Broadway (I’m not really a Broadway musical kind of guy) so I won’t — I can’t — weigh in on whether singer X can hold a candle to singer Y. But a couple of random points to make:

Hugh Jackman can do anything. His Valjean is a monument to dignity.

Anne Hathaway’s big number is the single most remarkable thing I’ve seen in a movie since … well I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything that made me react that way. It’s one long extreme closeup, and all in one shot — no cutting. I don’t cry at movies usually, but this one had me crying and gasping.

I don’t especially care that Russell Crowe can’t sing. Javert doesn’t exactly have to soul of a poet.

And I downloaded the original novel by Victor Hugo, so it must be a fascinating story.

Go. If only to have homegirl Anne Hathaway make you cry a river.

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  1. Elyse Elyse

    Oh yes. It was really good. The story went round and round in my head for a week, and I had read the book in French class.

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