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Appliance Delivery from Home Depot

Well I was ready to never buy an appliance from Home Depot again. I was ready to borrow a pickup truck and drop this new stove off at the returns counter.

Will there be a happy ending?

Here’s what happened. We ordered a gas range and a over-the-range microwave at the Springfield Ave. store over the weekend. Delivery was today.

Their deal includes a small installation charge, plus free delivery and free removal of the old stove.

The circus clowns who showed up this morning couldn’t disconnect the old stove. He played around with it for 10 or 15 minutes and declared that it was too rusted for him to get loose, we needed to get a plumber. Personally I think they didn’t want to haul the old one out the door because it was too heavy.

But, he and his supervisor both assured us, call as soon as it’s disconnected and they’d come right back and remove the old one.

We found a plumber to come same-day, and shelled out $283. But here’s the first idiotic thing: it took him all of five minutes. He said he couldn’t understand why the first guy couldn’t do it, it was easy.

So we’re out almost $300.

Next the woman of the house starts making calls for the removal of the old stove and gets a typical runaround. First they refused to come and get it at all. They said our ticket was closed (the supervisor said he would keep the ticket open).

Finally they agreed to come and get the stove but not until Monday. So unless we can shake one of these idiots loose we have this big hulking stove sitting in the middle of our floor for 6 more days.

The perpetrators of this nonsense were a) Home Depot; b) GE Delivery, who is an HD subcontractor); and c) Home Delivery America (whom GE uses).


But Home Depot finally made good. Thanks to the nice lady managing their delivery department, when Home Delivery America gave her the runaround, she sent a couple of her own guys over with a truck. An hour later, it was gone.

Thanks — I don’t want to use your real name here, though, unless you insist…


  1. tom tom

    Home Depot continues to be on the case, which is great. Got two calls today making sure we were satisfied.

  2. Mike Kormos Mike Kormos

    I have the same problem going on only in this case its a refrigerator. Otherwise all the same as your situation only I’m out $200 to replace a water valve the delivery company claimed was faulty. We did you call? I bought mine online. Called them and was offered no assistance.

  3. Tom Tom

    Well the delivery company will be hopeless. Around here (New Jersey) GE somehow has a monopoly and they are completely unresponsive to anyone. You’re going to need to track down someone at the retailer who cares. Obviously that’s easier with a brick and mortar retailer…

  4. Bobby G Bobby G

    GE Delivery is definitely amateur hour at its finest. We ordered a gas dryer from Home Depot. GE Delivery couldn’t hook up the existing gas line due to some liability issue because there were too many bends in the previous connection. When they tried to switch the door from opening from the left to opening from the right they stripped the screw head and said we would need to call Samsung. My belief is that GE Delivery looks for excuses not to finish the job so they can get home early, drink beer and watch TV.

  5. Delivery Guy Delivery Guy

    A) you need a licensed gas tech to disconnect and install your gas stove not a plumber
    B) LIABILITY as they are private contractors who pay the damage to your house or appliance because you are too cheap to pay the proper professional to do it right. That is why they don’t disconnect anything in regards to the integrity of YOUR HOME!
    C) most home delivery guys WANT your heavy stove for the scrap $

    Customers excuse is HOME DEPOT SAID when the truth is Customer Doesn’t LISTEN like how you think that small installation fee somehow resembles the action of disconnection of old Gas Stove…youre lucky the delivery “clown” even attempted to do it for you. That was a big financial risk for him and you have the audacity to ridicule him. You’re a fucking JOKE and so is this entire BS blog.

  6. Tom Tom

    Delivery Guy, seriously, take a deep breath. Home Depot says clearly that installation and haul-away is part of the deal. You can look it up. What that means is very simply that it is a service I paid for, therefore I expect it to be performed.

  7. Joseph Hauler Joseph Hauler

    Today my new 30 cubic foot refrigerator was delivered but not installed. Their claim was it was to big. I had sat down with a Home Depot specialist for two hours going over all the exploded view making sure it would fit my dimensions. I had the deliver service on one ear and Home Depot on the other. While on the phone the delivery people without notice hopped back in their truck and disappeared. The problem, I was the last dilivery of the day and they did not want to do their job which would have to take the door off as Home Depot said they would. The dilivery survice people are lazy and amateurs. I went to Home Depot and at first I don’t think they believed that it would fit till I showed them pictures with the tape measure showing all the opening sizes. we then actually did a partial disassembly of the store floor model. Long story short , Home Depot are sending their own crew with the guy that was with me when we disasembled the floor model. My faith has be restored with Home Depot, On the other hand they need to get a new dilivery service,

  8. Unfortunant customer Unfortunant customer

    Sure wish I had read this before purchasing our dishwasher! Although comforting to know I’m not the only one with GE delivery/installation issues, it doesn’t install a new or remove my old dishwasher.

    Our experience is too long and depressing to post, and I have a tendency to fly off the handle when it comes to “stupidity” from so called “professionals” I have chalked this one up to God giving me the opportunity to practice patience and kindness…….I will do my best, God!
    This is a very good example of big box stores taking over small independent retailers, who use common sense and correct customer service. I also understand that smaller independent retailers can’t compete with the big box store prices……it’s a dilemma to say the least!
    Thanks for a place to vent!

  9. Bob USAFret Bob USAFret

    WD 40, a pipe wrench and some elbow grease would have saved you lots of money.

  10. Steve Steve

    If I have any appliance delivered to my house. It’s curb side drop off only ..I don’t want clowns in my house. ..I make my own arangments to move it and I do the install …any problems that my come up are my own.

  11. Tom Tom

    Maybe, but I’m going to draw the line at hooking up a gas line.

  12. Keep in mind appliances are becoming more and more complicated just like cars and other products. Big box stores sell appliances, toilets, flowers, carpet, paint, furniture and so on. Appliances are simply another product they use as a profit tool. Big box stores generally use third parties to delivery and install anything they sell. Then we come to service and repair. At least in our area many of the foreign brands are tough to find someone who is authorized to repair them and even if you do the wait for parts could be a long time. The morale of the story is ask lots of questions like, who services this product? Are you installer qualified? What add-ons am I required to buy in order to get this unit installed and totally operational. Sometimes the original price doesn’t tell the entire story.

  13. John John

    Same problem, with the same delivery company. This time it involve a refrigerator. First one they brought the delivery guys saId they could not remove the doors bring the fridge into the house. So we had to settle for a smaller fridge that would fit through the door. The storage space in this fridge is totally in adequate for our family needs. Call Home Depot in Watchung to make the switch. They were totally friendly and upfront with this, however when the delivery company brought The original fridge back one guy walk in the house, refused to take the other refrigerator back. At this point, he just got back into his truck and drove away. When I went out to find out why they were leaving they almost ran me over with their truck and nearly backed into a car that was parked in front of the house.
    Final outcome, when we called Home Depot in Watchung they had the company deliver it to their store, they then sent their own installation crew to switch the refrigerators.
    Store manager and customer service rep in the Watchung Home Depot were very helpful and friendly throughout this ordeal. However, they do continue to use the same delivery coming

  14. E. Mars E. Mars

    Another nightmare problem with Home Depot delivery service. Bought washer & dryer on July 12th and still not in my house. Didn’t tell me out of stock until payment made and would be more than two weeks for delivery. Delivery day finally arrived but no delivery, no calls explaining why. I called delivery number & was told running an hour late. Finally at 9:00 PM they called to say they weren’t coming & would reschedule delivery. So two days later they come but washer side is bashed in so again no delivery & told it could take another three weeks. They must send damaged washer back to manufacturer & wait for them to send a replacement to warehouse then schedule delivery to me. This damage more than likely happened in the warehouse so why should manufacturer take it back? When I called store manager he checked inventory in warehouse & said over a hundred units were there. So why do I have to wait for them to send mine back for replacement. Waiting now for next call from shipper to see when my new appliances will arrive. No delay in Home Depot getting their payment, they have had my money for weeks and I still have no washer & dryer. Next time I’m going to Lowes who offer next day delivery.

  15. Tom Tom

    Our last appliance delivery was a refrigerator we purchased from Best Buy. It was pretty simple, we’d done all the measurements and don’t have a water hookup. They were on time, and gone in a few minutes — with the old refrigerator.

    A lot of refrigerators have the option of the door being right-handed or left-handed. Doesn’t that imply that the doors come off, which would make it easier to get through the house into the kitchen?

  16. Rick Rick

    Why did the plumber charge you almost $300 for a job he said was so easy? Because you requested he come out same day? Had you been patient it sounds like it would have cost a fraction of the price.

  17. Heather Heather

    I’m going through the same issue now, bought dishwasher from Home Depot bought all service options, delivery guys refused to install because they couldn’t turn our valve with their hands. I made the mistake of accepting the delivery…wrong move. Delivery guy said just have plumber replace valve gate (took plumber we called next day 5 min and only charged us $20 to fix) then call delivery company back to reschedule install. Only that’s not how it happened. Called delivery company to a very rude answering service who refused to help us. Said Home Depot would need to submit a work order since service was already provided…they didn’t install anything!! No service was ever provided!!! Called Home Depot who was surprised they wouldn’t come back out to install the unit and was told we would have to wait two plus weeks. Needless to say, try to open your valve with your hand before the delivery/install guys come from the 3rd party vendor. If it won’t move, call a plumber should only take them a few minutes to switch out the part. Otherwise you’ll find yourself in my dilemma.

  18. Tom Tom

    Heather, that sounds like a carbon copy of my experience! Good advice on testing the shutoff first. It’s amazing how they try to get away with not performing a service you’ve already paid for. We’re moving in a few weeks to a new house, and before too long we’re going to need to replace gas dryer, the refrigerator and the range. Guess who is not getting our business.

  19. Jacqui Jacqui

    Circus clowns as described above is very accurate. Finally cancelled Home Depot order based on delivery service alone.
    Went to Beat Buy Thursday night. Got a better price and they will deliver on Monday.

  20. Tom Tom

    How did it go?

  21. Thomas Thomas

    Yep, we had an electric stove delivered and installed (all this stuff is drop shipped from the same wearhouse, apparently).
    The”clowns” put a huge dent in the edge of a countertop (hundreds to replace) and knocked off a piece of counter facing which they threw behind the “installed” stove. Home depot said we needed to contact GE about it. What a joke! Ha, ha, ha… NOT!
    The service at Home Depot has always been good. This GE drop shipping service has never been! I get a fridge tomorrow and didn’t know it was “wearhouse” stock until well after the purchase. I’m not looking forward to tomorrow.

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