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New on the Genealogy Pages

This is going to take some work, so bear with me. You contributors? Lend a hand if you’ve got the time.

I installed the Google Maps module to the application, so that each person’s entry now has a “Maps” tab that shows birthplace and a few other things. Here’s where I hail from:

This is going to call for a whole new level of consistency in the data we enter. I hope to go through it person-by-person as much as possible, but it’s going to take time so please pitch in as much as you can.

The gist of it is going to be the “Address” field for each life event. City, County, State are all important, as is “USA” as the top-level. For example, use “Cleveland, OH, USA” instead of just “Cleveland.”

Getting it right takes a few steps. Assuming you’re logged in, find the place name you’re interested in, and click on the “Edit” link.

Once you’re in, use the tools to search for the place by address, being sure to tick off the correct “Precision” button.

Use the regular Google tools to zoom in to the appropriate level, then — this is important — click on the “pin” icon, then “use this value” in the popover. This sets the Latitude and Longitude.

Then click the “Save” button.

When you’re in an individual record, click the small ‘+’ icon below “Place” to zero in. Enter all the details you have, then “Save.”

Even then, results can be strange. Hampton Bays, New York, is showing up on the border of Kansas and Nebraska right now.

A lot of the place maps are going to be empty for a while, but in time this is what they’ll start to look like.

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