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Five Years After

I was working in lower Manhattan, and watched it all happen from the train station on the waterfront in Hoboken, a little less than two miles away across open water. We were shut out of our offices for eight days. The first day back I took some pictures, and here are a couple of them. The last one was taken a year later, from the Jersey City waterfront. When the lights are on you can also see them from my front porch.



  1. KBueno KBueno

    Outstanding pictures Tom. Thanks for the comments the other night. We had quite a stir going on!! 9-11-01 must have made you feel so helpless standing there and being able to do nothing about it. When I visited NYC in June we went to the site twice and I plan on going again next June as well. Peace

  2. Thanks. I shot a whole roll that day, but I can’t find the prints, only these two that I’d scanned in. I’m hoping they’ll turn up. Look us up when you’re in town, or vice versa.

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