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Battle of the Bands

One of M/SO’s leading musicians has posted video, and lots of it, from a number of recent performances. I’m proud to say I was in three of the four events shown. Since I don’t play guitar, you may be able to guess which one I missed.

The 2005 Battle of the Basement Bands was played despite a driving snowstorm that evening. About half the ticket buyers couldn’t make it, but the rest put on their boots and had a great time. One of my Big Train compadres couldn’t make it, so instead of the usual five-horn section we went with four. Big we knocked the sawdust out of the floor anyway. I don’t even remember who won.

The 2006 Battle saw the triumphant return of Emotional Rex. House rules only allowed me to play in one band, so I went with Big Train. But the Rex were absolutely amazing, and won that night’s big prize hands-down. I strongly urge you to check out their performance. Mary is the best.

“Two Towns In Harmony” was a massive event, that started with a foundation grant for a commission, and turned into a day-long multimedia extravaganza that involved the whole community. There was a strong McGee presence, with me in the trumpet section, Carolyn in the choir and Alex in with the basses. At the end of the day, the speeches were too long and too many, and the piece was a little on the cheesy side; but it was a good thing to be a part of.

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