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Pivot to Video

Of a piece with their recent Google Maps policy, charging you for usage. Here you have to basically give them advertising. I understand, that if something is free then I am the product and I’m not entitled to a completely free service. But now that they’ve got us all on the hook, aren’t we entitled to be annoyed?

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The Worst of Politics, w/o September 24, 2018

All that was swept aside though by the hideous spectacle of Brett Kavanaugh. Personally, Kavanaugh represents everything I ever hated about jocks in high school. Preeningly amoral, utterly convinced of his own entitledness, boorish and rude. If you asked him who his favorite artist or playwright is you’d draw a blank stare.

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The Worst Of Politics, w/o September 3, 2018

Monday Labor Day Traveling for me, and I’m pretty sure Paul Ryan didn’t have another Labor Day statement praising management. Tuesday All The Justice Money Can Buy Listening for a while to the ramrodding of Kavanaugh. John Cornyn’s prattle about how great it is when judges respect the text of legislation makes me gag. K.…

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