Blog Roundup

A couple of blogs I ran across are worth noting. Kung Fu Monkey combines a left-wing political point of view I favor, along with varied sentence structure and a smattering of obscenity, into the kind of mix I favor. The author is a stand-up comedian as well as a screenwriter, and has a physics degree (this is the common thread between the two blogs).

Wait, Aren’t You Scared? is a perfect deconstruction of the political atmosphere in which Americans are being urged to cower in abject fear and vote Republican, urging us to “not hop like the trained monkeys” every time there’s a new alert. Also check out his trashing of the electoral college system, and the wonderfully creative “FISA in One Syllable Words,” in which he explains the whole issue of Bush and the FISA laws in, yes, easy-to-understand one syllable words.

Physicist Sean Carroll’s Cosmic Variance spoofs the high state of terror alert presently being accorded to liquids. Rapped on the Head by Creationists is a devastating and hilarious indictment of the whole “intelligent design” movement, worth quoting:

The true tragedy of “creation science” is that it is an invitation to stop thinking. Instead of taking puzzling aspects of Nature as clues to something deeper, and mulling over the possible lessons we can learn from them in our quest to undertand the universe better and better, the creationist attitude just wants to say “God did it!” and declare victory. It’s a form of giving-up that could have been invoked thousands of times in the history of science, but thankfully was not. Instead, stubborn naturalistic investigators took seriously the clues they had, and used them to gradually uncover marvelous new features of the real world. And that’s what we’ll continue to do.

He also covers the chemistry of coffee, the World Series of Poker, proofs of the existence of Santa, and some cool physics stuff. When I took physics in high school, calculating the orbits of three bodies together was considered impossible. Now they knock it out in Flash animations. Such is progress!

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