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Top Ten Albums

Friends are trading back-and-forth the Facebook meme of the 10 most important albums. Nobody has asked me, but here are mine. Ranked in order of relative importance for their influence in my development as a musician, not in any way by quality. The trendline is my interest in eclectic music, experimentation, brass playing, and finally […]

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The Ergonomics of Vinyl Records

A friend just donated a stack of really interesting LPs (thanks Annie!). As I work through them (right now I’m listening to “The Late Fourteenth Century Avant Garde” — I love medieval music) I notice that I have to get up every 20-30 minutes to change sides. Isn’t that what all the ergonomic experts recommend? […]



Old friend Anthony Cartouche, wise in all matters rock ‘n’ roll, recommended this compilation of Dylan covers by Bryan Ferry. I was at the local books-and-music megastore this evening when I heard it playing and drifted over to purchase my copy. I want to say, “show me a CD with songs like “If Not For […]