Local History, Up Close

A few weeks ago, I got a note from a visitor I hadn’t known, but whose grandparents lived in my house when she was a child in the 1950s. She was gracious enough to send along a few photos, and I hope she doesn’t mind if I share a few of the more generic ones here.


Friday’s Ride

Another successful assault on Watchung Mountain. This one is 39 miles — I’d really hoped to stretch it to 40 but I draw the line at circling the block a few times to do it. This long narrow loop carves out some less-heavily traveled roads in this fairly busy part of the state.


Maple Falls Revisited

Last September, I did a photo trip to the relatively untravelled Maple Falls in South Mountain Reservation. At the time, it was pretty dry and I made a mental note to revisit it in the winter, after the rain and snow caused some more flow. So yesterday the faithful companion (Brandy, the dog) took a […]