Monthly Archives: March 2009

Happy Birthday

By Tom|March 31, 2009

Tonight we took daughter C. out to the Crabhouse in Edgewater for her 18th birthday. This raises the eternal question, how can I have an 18-year-old daughter when I’m barely 18 myself?crabhouse


By Tom|March 30, 2009

It’s a winning kind of movie with a mousetrap plot and some clever twists and turns along the way, and a cast that that makes it look easy.

Old Dog Learns New Trick

By Tom|March 21, 2009

And they said it couldn’t be done. Brandy is a shepherd mix we got from the pound back in 2001 when she was about a year-and-a-half old. So in dog years, she’s pushing 70. One of the au pairs we had when the kids were little trained her to know that, when we gave her a Milk Bone, she should […]

Broken Recipe?

By Tom|March 20, 2009

I’m a pretty solid cook, if I do say so myself. But this one flummoxed me. Any ideas?

Lawyer Up

By Tom|March 19, 2009

A slightly amusing recall notice.

The Vintage Web

By Tom|March 17, 2009

A new site this month, The Vintage Web features links and commentary on frozen-in-time web sites, celebrating their special 1997ishness.

…Paterson, NJ

By Tom|March 17, 2009

It’s the Great Falls in Paterson, NJ. For years we’ve been hearing about this, the second-biggest waterfall east of the Mississippi, but never took the 30-or-so minutes to get up there.

Local History, Up Close

By Tom|March 15, 2009

A few weeks ago, I got a note from a visitor I hadn’t known, but whose grandparents lived in my house when she was a child in the 1950s. She was gracious enough to send along a few photos, and I hope she doesn’t mind if I share a few of the more generic ones here.

Big East Tournament At The Garden

By Tom|March 14, 2009

Last night, through the generosity of one of LF’s co-workers, we scored two tickets for the semifinals of the Big East tournament.

The End Of The Record Store As We Know It

By Tom|March 13, 2009

I love record stores. But I suppose the simple fact that I use the phrase “record store” dates me as a child of the pre-digital age. Maybe I should say, I love music stores. But then that’s a little confusing instead, because a music store is something more like Patelson’s. But little by little in the age of the CD, […]

Big Time

By Tom|March 9, 2009

LF and I were watching the (really outstanding) Ovation cable channel the other night, and this 1988 Tom Waits movie came up. Here’s a clip, “Shore Leave.”

Slightly Off Track

By Tom|March 1, 2009

Hiking up in the Rez yesterday, we found someone had been having some fun with the blazes on the Orange Trail.