Most years I try to do a 9/11 post. This year it’s on a Tuesday again, and the weather is pretty similar. There are a few clouds in the sky, unlike that other crystalline blue day, but the feeling is the same.


Seven Years

Seven. Now there’s a number filled with symbolic meaning. God created the universe in seven days, there are seven deadly sins, seven virtues, seven sacraments. There’s the “seventh heaven,” as well as seven hells and seven days of the week. Seven seas and seven musical notes. Seven branches on a Menorah, and the book of […]


Remembrances of the 2003 Blackout

I didn’t really realize I was supposed to remember, until I read about it being remembered in the paper yesterday morning. So here’s what I remember.

Late afternoon, Midtown Manhattan, the lights and my computer go out. I look out my office door, all the lights and all the computers are out. So is my phone. So are the lights out on the street and in the offices across the way…