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Lab Tests and Other Nonsense

We were talking last night about Energy Star ratings, and how unreliable they are. For example, TVs that are tested and rated when their screens are dimmed so much you can’t see them. Or laptop batteries rated with performance and screen brightness turned down and no one doing anything on them. Or refrigerators that have […]

Tech Stuff

Web Design and Grids

One of my regular stops for news on the web is, which I’ve always found really great for getting the latest headlines quickly. Al Shaw worked on the latest redesign of the site, and his article about the development of it is good reading. I share his enthusiasm for jQuery, but am looking forward […]

Tech Stuff

Teall & Associates

We’re popping champagne corks again here at world headquarters (ouch! watch where you’re pointing that!) as a new site launches for Teall & Associates. Nothing fancy here; in fact the client direction was to do exactly the opposite. Jon is running a PR agency targeting major financial firms, so he wanted something really staid. […]

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The Ergonomics of Vinyl Records

A friend just donated a stack of really interesting LPs (thanks Annie!). As I work through them (right now I’m listening to “The Late Fourteenth Century Avant Garde” — I love medieval music) I notice that I have to get up every 20-30 minutes to change sides. Isn’t that what all the ergonomic experts recommend? […]