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The Ergonomics of Vinyl Records

A friend just donated a stack of really interesting LPs (thanks Annie!). As I work through them (right now I’m listening to “The Late Fourteenth Century Avant Garde” — I love medieval music) I notice that I have to get up every 20-30 minutes to change sides. Isn’t that what all the ergonomic experts recommend? […]

Tech Stuff

Previewing Typefaces, Backgrounds and Colors with sIFR

This might not be the perfect cross-browser solution as is; but as a proof-of-concept here is a font previewer using sIFR, the CSS/Javascript/Flash method for embedding real fonts into your web page. It’s usually used for headlines and other display copy, but with a little elbow grease it can be used for this kind of preview as well. I’m using it for a custom-embroidery client to show different monogram styles and colors against the colors of various shirt and hat colors.

You can read the details and play with the demo right over here…