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New Work: Planet of Sound

A story of a total web site makeover. Starting from a very old-school page designed for yesterday’s monitors, we built out a full-width, highly active site that is definitely “today.” This was my first foray into the “Divi” theme. Some fun background graphics that play off the “planet” and stock music themes, Display wise, there really wasn’t much more we needed to add.

Projects Tech Stuff

Open Badges Initiative

The week before last we did a presentation at MIT’s New Media Consortium conference in Cambridge, MA. We talked about the “Pirate Patch” program that’s being used as a retention tool, and piloted with the incoming freshman class. Here’s my part –the technical part — of the PowerPoint show, for your bedside reading.

Projects Tech Stuff

Updated: Login/Logout Method for Basic Authentication

The situation: a kiosk application where people in the community would log in to a web page, request some materials, then log out again. The users are all in our Active Directory login system. How can you construct it so that a user can log out, and the next log in, without forcing them to close and re-open the browser?

Previously the latest version of Firefox broke it. A small mod to the script seems to be just the ticket.

All things considered, maybe using sessions is better. If you’re in a situation where you can’t depend on people doing two clicks to log out, you should look into that.