Get yourself out this evening about an hour before sunset and look to the southwest horizon for a wonderful conjunction of Venus, Jupiter and a new crescent Moon. We spotted an early version of this (before the moon was in position) and thought they were a couple of airplanes, they were so bright.



3 a.m. found me lying on my back on a tennis court, watching the northern sky for the Perseids meteor shower. We saw a handful, and it was good. But it’s also why I’m not writing a longer post.


Photos of Nuclear Tests

A collection of photographs of actual nuclear and thermonuclear detonations from Trinity through a Chinese test of 1967. A frightening thing I noticed is the scale, or rather, the lack of scale, as the detonations became more powerful. The Operation Crossroads tests of 1946 rated 21 kilotons. In the images, easily identifiable markets give the […]

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Visit Beautiful Saturn

The Cassini spacecraft sent back photos today from its polar orbit of Saturn, showing literally never-before-seen images of its rings from above. There’s a gallery of photos available on NASA’s Cassini site, but this one really grabbed me because of it’s beautiful, almost painterly, subtle coloration. Just barely visible the fringes of the inner rings at about 4:00 and 6:00.