Ice Storm

Our first big winter storm hit today. Up at the work site in extreme northern New Jersey there was a couple of inches of thick, greasy slush. Down here in Maplewood, lots of ice on all the branches (pretty!) and the power lines (dangerous!). One of the latter was down in the street across from […]

Family Home Travelogues

Cruising Family History

Travelling out to Ohio yesterday, I decided to do a little family history detective work. I took the kids on a side trip to Butler, PA, which is where my dad’s side of the family hails from. Using some info that my cousin Shari found, as well as some I tracked down on my own, I found this building, where my grandfather was born.

124 Elm St, Butler

Food Home


Back when I started cooking, I used to try to make bread. The recipes I tried were a tremendously time-consuming, labor-intensive struggle against the ingredients, and I never quite won. Thanks to the NY Times’ Minimalist column last Wednesday, I found a winner.

Loaf of Bread