Food Movies

Inland Empire

When you watch an interview with David Lynch it’s always surprising how totally normal he seems. Once you get past the hipster hair style he’s got this unpretentious gee-whiz enthusiasm about things. Did you know he’s a vegan, or at least a vegetarian? He shows us how to make quinoa (pronounced kin-WAH) with organic broccoli, […]


Fish Soup

We all have our comfort food vices. When I’m at home alone I enjoy making fish soup. Go figure. No one else in the household appreciates it, so I treat it like a guilty pleasure. One of my favorite cookbooks is “A Tuscan In The Kitchen.” The author’s recipes don’t have measurements, temperatures or timings. […]

Food Home


Back when I started cooking, I used to try to make bread. The recipes I tried were a tremendously time-consuming, labor-intensive struggle against the ingredients, and I never quite won. Thanks to the NY Times’ Minimalist column last Wednesday, I found a winner.

Loaf of Bread