The 3rd Floor Renovation Is Finished!

I haven’t been posting much lately, and I think it’s in large part to the utterly overwhelming project we’d given ourselves of renovating the third floor of the house. The third floor had been used as an apartment by one of the kids these last 15 or so years. But with everyone having moved on, we really felt the need to 1) clean it up; and 2) monetize it.

No work had been done — the floors and walls were pretty much as they were 30 years ago, if not all the way back to when the house was built. Plus there was the matter of the cats, which necessitated throwing out all the rugs, and decades worth of clutter that had to be packed up and removed. But once we had a clean slate we were able to do a lot — and for less money than you’d think.

20160819_18075820160819_180822The first room is the sitting room. We used part of my kids’ old bunkbed set with its rail guard as a day bed. Dressed it up with a white bedspread and colorful pillows and a quilt. Then put in the older TV from downstairs along with a selection of books and movies.

The coffee table and straw basket were extras from the living room. The rug (and its mate) are from Costco. The lamp stand is from my old house and the other baskets and furniture are from E’s collection.

And it’s minty green! We messed around with Baer paint from Home Depot, but this Sherwin-Williams color was delicious and so easy to apply.

And the floor — a trick we learned getting my old house ready for sale, rather than add more than $1,000 to the cost by having a refinishing guy come in and sand it down, we just cleaned it and put down deck paint. A layer of primer followed by two coats of white deck paint gives a nice surface that sealed in any, um, cat smells that may have been left over.

We carried the green down the stairwell to the second floor, and used another version of green for the doors.

The second room is the bedroom. Again, the floor is white and we’ve got a Costco rug down. Here the color scheme is black, white, and shades of grey, with the neutral color of the wood furniture.

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TMC_0994The bed is Ikea’s new “Nesstun” model. It’s white steel with wire accents. We used one of their better slat-system undercarriages for a lower profile, and an Ikea mattress. Then we had the whole deal delivered — it’s free and considering the weight of it all I’m sure glad we did. It took me an afternoon to assemble it all, with no snags to speak of.

The dresser and side table are from an older Ikea bedroom set. The pillows are Ikea. The lamp is old; so is the comforter. I don’t think the alarm clock works, but so what?

TMC_0983Here’s another view. The lamp in the corner is, again, Ikea. We’ve got a pair of them and they seemed to just work here. And then we’ve got what I consider to be the nicest place in the whole house. It was wasted for a long time, filled with a bed and no room to move around. But with the chair by the window, with a side table and another paper-shade lamp, it’s an oasis of calm. Makes me wish we weren’t renting it out, because I’d live up there!

tmc_0991Yes, I know; Ikea, Ikea, Ikea. What can I say? They offer solutions to problems. The chair has been around forever. The piece of glass that makes up the desktop has been propped up in a corner for years while we tried to figure out what to do with it. We wanted a desk up there, and in our explorations we found those metal trestle legs. Taking a chance, we brought a set home and wouldn’t you know it they were a precise fit for our (heavy, beveled) glass slab. The chair is one that we were eyeing upstairs, but it was more than we wanted to spend. Then we found one in the clearance section downstairs. All we could really see wrong with it were a few dents on the seat — they didn’t even break the finish. The photo makes it look small, but it doesn’t feel that way when you sit down in the springy corner chair!

It’s been months in the making and it’s finally here!

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