Short and Far Hills

Today’s ride was 41.4 miles from a parking lot in Short Hills, NJ out to Far Hills. Along the way, a few moderate climbs — such as right out of the box up to Summit — and a few cows.

I also saw a pair of turkey vultures rummaging through the remains of a dead deer alongside the road. One of them flapped his five-foot wingspan at me as I rode by (keeping a respectful distance, of course).

Here’s the route. The plan was to follow Rt. 512 all the way to the end in Califon. That would have been about a 60 mile trip, but I wasn’t feeling inspired by it. I decided to drive over to Short Hills to start. Even though it’s only two or three miles, I’ve been doing that stretch of road every ride since May and I’ve really just seen enough of it already.

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