Great Swamp Travelogues

The Great Swamp In August

Yesterday a friend and I took advantage of the beautiful weather go out and take some pictures in the Swamp. August is the “high season,” with lush flowering shrubs and plants, plus abundant frogs and turtles.

Every now and then we’d see clouds of pollen blowing off of the grasses (you’ll see it clearly if you click on the picture).

We liked these flowers, and there were lots of them.

Lots of cattails and other wetlands plants, a sea of different shades of green.

I liked how these grasses seemed to be etched out of the shadowy trees in the distance.

It was getting a little late, time to go!

We’ve had an unusually mild August so far. Yesterday the high barely got into the 80s, with low humidity. All-in-all a really nice day out walking in nature.

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