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As I’m wearing through my current set of Continentals, the other week I replaced my rear tire with one by Specialized.

In the ’80s I liked Specialized occasionally for their tight fit and high PSI. Even in the best of times I weigh in at over 200 lbs., so that’s important. But for most of the time I was a Michelin man (wipe that smirk off your face, I’ve lost a lot of weight since you last saw me). They have a wonderful smooth and silky ride, but they stopped making the particular model I’d been using, so on the recommendation of a friend I switched over to Continentals. Not as elegant a ride as Michelins, but very utilitarian with solid road feel and traction.

Everybody makes high PSI tires now. 120 is the standard, and some go much higher. So that’s not the issue it used to be. Road feel and traction are going to be the factors that drive the decision now. For what it’s worth, all these cost between $50 and $60 per tire, so price doesn’t weigh much other than the fact that if you make the wrong choice you’ve wasted that much money.

So this Specialized tire? The first thing I noticed is it skids all the time. Just twice even today. I never got that with the Michelins or Contys, they always gripped the road just right. So for what it’s worth, next time I’m going back to Michelin.

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