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Under The Rainbow

Hiking with a friend in the Rez Sunday night, we sat down for a rest at the overlook just as big storm system passed to the south of us. As it moved across Essex County towards New York Harbor and Brooklyn we got to see an unusual sight: a horizon-to-horizon perfect rainbow, and underneath it all of New York from past the Empire State Building down over the Verrazano Bridge.

(As usual, when there’s good shot to be had I only had my cellphone, which is all I’ll say about the quality of the picture.)

It was really spectacular, with bright and clearly defined colors all the way across the spectrum, and lasted a good twenty minutes.

We could see the storm system in toto, miles across, as it moved past us. Even while we sat under clear blue skies, we could see wide columns of rain cutting across the neighborhoods below. At one point, my daughter called my cell. I asked her if she could see the rainbow. She could, and said it was raining hard where she was. “I know, I can see your neighborhood from up here.”

A beautiful evening.

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