I used to do ’em all the time, but I can’t remember the last time. Probably because I’ve been a slave to the MAFW weekly ride calendars since 2000. They only tally up how many miles per week/month/year and if that’s what you measure, that’s what you go for. So “quality” rides like doing on-and-off sprints for an hour just don’t make the cut.

Monday night I rolled out on the 20-mile Echo Lake/Westfield loop, and I got a much better workout in an hour and fifteen minutes than I did on the four-hour 45-mile ride last Friday.

This one puts me over 700 miles for the year to date. Feels good!

One thought on “Intervals”

  1. I took my grandson on an 18 mile ride. I thought it wouldn’t be much of a workout but man it was. My cadence was twice as fast in a lower gear in order to ride his pace. It was like doing 36 miles. I was beat.
    I guess it’s good to break up your regular routine every now and then.

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