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There was an old Stargate episode I remember seeing. It takes place mostly in an alternative future, where contact had been made with an advanced alien race who gave humanity everything they needed to cure diseases, end poverty and war, and generally lead a totally Utopian existence. What’s not to like?

Well lots it turns out, and in desperation with their last breaths our heroes manage to send a note into the past, warning their past selves not to make contact.

Well that’s how I feel about Hosting Metro. Please please, past Tom, don’t go with them.

Tom McGee has been building web sites since 1995, and blogging here since 2006. Currently a senior developer at Seton Hall University, he's also a freelance web programmer and musician. Contact him if you have the need for a blog, web site, redesign or custom programming!

One thought on “Worst.Web.Host.Ever”

  1. Updated: We’re finally done with them. Moved the site in question over to our internal multisite host, and all is well with the world. It wasn’t easy — the day we migrated the site went down 13 times.

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