Picasso Sculptures at MOMA

Yesterday E. and I caught the special show of sculptures by Picasso at the Modern. There was lots to fall in love with here, and below are a few camera phone shots.

The genius of this show is it’s focus, or foci. Each of the 11 rooms centers on one location in the artist’s career, and one particular sculptural material. Starting with bronze, then through plaster, found objects, ceramics and sheet metal, Picasso’s sculptural art was predicated on what was available where he lived. A bronze foundry, a sheet metal fabricator, a junkyard. Each he took full advantage of.

Here’s a funny ceramic Bug, turned as a pot.

Here’s the well-known wooded Bull.

Though you don’t often see the back side.

We thought the Woman Reading was exceptionally brilliant. A hunk of wood, a few screws and bolts, some metal springs and some paint. Assembled with some plaster and cast in bronze.

The angle of her crossed feet seems so natural and playful.

From the other side, the shape of the wood naturally suggests the curve of her back and hip, and the texture of the dress.

Here’s a tabletop display of ceramics — owls, a bull, a kneeling woman.

Now through February 7, 2016. You have to have a ticket for a predetermined time slot, so order on-line.

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