Hot Day For A Ride

When the heat index is expressed in scientific notation, one has to question the sanity let alone wisdom of going out for a bike ride. After a self-imposed three week layoff, despite the weather I needed to get some work in. I’ve had this nagging cold for that long, and all that’s left of it is an annoying hacking cough. Avoid heavy-breathing activities hasn’t helped, so I thought I’d try the opposite.
Me and my Cannondale R2000

The order of the day was the MAFW’s “Far Hills – Black River Ramble No. 2,” a 41-miler that starts out at the Far Hills train station, and loops through Pluckemin, Lamington, Oldwick and Pottersville.
[googleMap name=”Far Hills RR Station” width=”500″ height=”400″ directions_to=”false”]U.S. 202 and Liberty Corner Rd., Far Hills, NJ[/googleMap] is back up, so here’s the full route:

As a group we cut off one of the hills about 20 miles in. After the climb up out of Pottersville — one that doesn’t usually bother me a lot — I was feeling indications of dehydration. A little nausea, trembling, I was sweating less. The hill knocked me down onto my granny gear, put it’s foot on the back of my neck and wouldn’t let me up. Metaphorically speaking of course. The sun was brutal and I was going too slow to feel a breeze. Not good. So when we hit 512 at Gladstone I decided to cut off the loop around Ravine Lake and head back to the car. The lake will be there, but if I pushed myself much further I wouldn’t be. 33.3 miles is going to have to be enough for today.

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Other than that it felt pretty good. I was as strong as anyone else on the trip on the flats and the hills, but I have the misfortune of sweating out water faster than I can drink in to replenish it. What are you going to do?

When I got home I changed a tire without using any tools or touching the chain. Just to show it who’s boss.

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