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Whiteface Mountain

Getting my Ansel Adams on.
We actually went up to the top twice. Once by trail, then again by elevator. The elevator is reached via a 407 ft. long tunnel cut in to the mountain. From there, you go up more than 270 feet to the top. All the rock that was blasted out was used to build the walls and roadways.
One of the local corvids, checking things out.
It’s always nice when someone volunteers to take a picture of us together. Otherwise, it looks like we each went here alone separately. That’s Lake Placid in the distance.
Up in the “Alpine Zone,” above the treeline. It’s very rare; there are something like 85 acres in all of New York state of alpine zone land.
The trail, as seen from above. But really, it’s safe.
Cloud cover over the tallest mountain between here and Siberia.
Explaining the mountain you’re seeing — it’s many thousands of miles before another one that height appears.
Look in the distance close to the horizon — a wind farm.
Here’s the wind farm cropped closer. It’s up near Plattsburg, maybe 40 miles away.
E. checks out the scenery.
These reminded me of The Gunks. You can also see the windmills.
Lake Champlain in the distance. Like looking from above the clouds.
Late afternoon sun on the balsam firs.
A view of the trail you take, as seen from near the bottom. It’s not as narrow as it looks, but some of the rocks are slippery even when dry.
Bike racks. Notice the elevation sign to the left. We saw cyclists all up and down the road. I was filled with admiration.
Lake Placid (the lake) and the town of Lake Placid to the upper left.
Rows of mountains.
Memorial Highway, an 8% average grade up to the “castle.”

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