The Basement. Oh We’re Getting There.

Missed this photo last night — the remains of the gigantic “grey box” that dominated the front wall. Now in pieces, waiting for a dumpster.

The trickiest part was going to be getting a cabinet to fit over the water meter and intake pipe. I had to measure the wall, make a template, and cut out this piece with a jigsaw.

And incredibly it fit on the first try.

Most incredibly of all, the extreme left end of the top cabinets was absolutely dictated by the presence of a steam pipe. The position of the middle cabinet was absolutely dictated by the water intake pipe. Neither of these were moving anywhere.

But what do you know, the remaining cabinets fit into the space exactly. You couldn’t slip a piece of paper between them. Though I did screw up one thing which I’ll have to fix later — see if you can spot it.

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