They’re Never Too Young To Learn

About particle physics, that is.

And why not? When my kids were old enough to collect plush toys they learned the names of all the Beanie Babies. And what’s that going to do for them when they work on their PhD in physics at Berkeley? Nowhere, that’s where.

The Particle Zoo‘s got ’em all. They’re even weighted in relation to each particle’s “real world” (whatever that means, in the context of a tachyon) mass. From the weightless photon to the 5mEv up quark all the way to the 170gEV top quark. No word on how they treat the tachyon, rumored to have negative mass. Maybe it’s filled with helium?

You can also buy the antimatter twins of the standard particles. They’re kept in a separate area from the regular-matter versions because, well, you know what happens. Considering how young boys like their toys to battle it out, this has interesting implications.

Thanx and a tip o’ the hat to Cosmic Variance.

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