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A Really Simple Thing I’ve Been Meaning To Do For Years

Was to move this blog up to the root level of my domain.

When I first launched my personal site back in 2006, I dreamed of a hand-crafted page-by-page site that would show off all the awesomeness I had to offer. Then I thought, “hey, let’s play around with one of these CMS tools that my host offers!” Somewhat randomly, I picked WordPress. The rest is history.

After going back-and-forth for a few years, putting stuff into static pages, putting other stuff into the blog, the blog won. But then I got busy, and the prospect of moving everything out of /blogs/ into the top level seemed daunting.

This was of course silly, it took me all of 20 minutes and most of that was spent reading the directions. The only real kink was getting Securi to play along, because it insisted that it’s cache files be kept in the no-longer-existing /blogs subdirectory. That was cured easily enough by resetting the plugin options to their defaults.

As for changing all of the links in over 1,400 posts and pages, the incredible Search Regex plugin makes quick work of that. Any stragglers should be picked up by Redirection.

It’s also good to check any embedded style sheets, fonts or anything else where an absolute link to a resource might be hidden.

But hey, if you find anything broken please let me know!

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