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A Failed Experiment

Monetize my web site? Absolutely! What’s not to like?

The ads themselves, I suppose. But first, a glimpse at my balance sheet:


That’s after three solid weeks of running ads on this blog. Yes, I made them inobtrusive; but I just don’t think the kind of stuff I write about is going to prompt people to click on ads like the one to the left. This was found sitting on my post about essential WordPress plugins. Plus, I’m pretty sure I’ve written some things here that weren’t precisely supportive of the NRA or its mission.

At least this one scored some relevance; it was on the post about the Morris Museum’s toy train exhibition. The railroad track layouts link makes sense; the “train with track” seems to until you read it and learn it’s about training for marathons on a track. And more gun stuff. Where does that come from?

In reality, not one single ad was clicked. So that’s my story. Sorry if any of you were offended. I had hopes of bringing in a little cash — $20 a month would have made it worthwhile, $10 even. But I just don’t have the right stuff here to support it.

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