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Toy Trains at the Morris Museum

You would have thought Elyse and I were 12 years old the way we played with these things.


Sharing the room with the Lego exhibition from yesterday, geeky fun with a big O-gauge train setup.


There’s a small-town center, an industrial zone…



A boneyard…


Traffic jams…


And commuters from downtown…


…are waiting for the train home…


As night falls across the town…


Everybody heads for the diner…


The layout had unlabelled green buttons all around, and the fun was pushing the buttons and trying to figure out what they did. Some lit lights, others blew whistles. Others controlled some of the figures in the landscapes, of which there were many. A playground, a waterfall, a fire in a fireworks factory (complete with smoke and sirens) and lots of little gags mixed in.

The museum is usually fun, especially if you have kids. If you’re in the Morristown, NJ area, check it out.

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