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Dupuy Canal House: Ooh the Restaurant!

Somehow, the little hamlet of High Falls, NY, is a food Mecca. E. and I had brunch this morning at the astonishing Dupuy Canal House. This 200+ year-old building houses a rambling array of dining spaces that hold from an intimate gathering of two to a party of over 20.

The restaurant itself is something like 48 years old — old enough to have been raved about by Craig Claiborne in the New York Times in 1970.

The rooms all have a similar kind of décor, with a tasteful assemblage of period prints and paintings, antiques and tchotchkes. I mean that in a nice way.

We had our meal in the first dining room, near the huge fireplace. After a selection of biscuits and cakes, with local butter and jam, our main courses were a) a version of eggs benedict with the egg atop a portion of macaroni and cheese; and b) an omelet of ricotta and cranberries. Both were set on a coulis of red pepper puree, and garnished with what they called baby tomatoes — infinitesimal sweet red globes maybe 1/4 in diameter.

Chef John Novi and his staff are very proud of the place. Our waiter gave us the tour afterwards, where we met the chef. The kitchen is beautiful — daylit, with all copper pots and pans, blonde wood countertops and stainless steel. You can see if from several places in the restaurant, including looking down from a balcony on the second floor.

That’s the “chef’s table.” By reservation, you and your companion can eat right in the kitchen, after watching your meal being prepared.

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At the entrance is this fabulous old cash register.

Sitting on top of this case.

E. pondered the menu while I took the photos.

It’s not inexpensive — we got out of there for $46 including tip — but the experience is worth it.

Main Street, High Falls, Town of Marbletown, Ulster County, New York, 12440, United States of America

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