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Taking My Own Advice

I went on at length recently about making your blog mobile ready, but I was content to have a responsive theme. But that was probably too much — a lot of features and big images being sent over the G4, stuff that took a lot of bandwidth and wasn’t especially necessary.

So while the site looked decent enough on my Galaxy S3:

With the Bahaus theme it looks better.

The slider is tidier, more compact and shows more of what’s useful and less of what’s not. For example, the pagination on the slider in the responsive theme is completely unhelpful, and the way the text displayed superimposed over the image was not always elegant.

There are also cute icons in the navigation!

For this blog I’m using my personal copy of the WP Touch basic plugin, not the “pro” version with the additional themes and extensions.

If you’ve got your mobile or tablet handy, take a look.

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