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New PC Diary, Part II

Lots of applications open, very little drama.

We like it. I could dig up the dead horse that is Microsoft’s Vista operating system and beat it a little while longer, but suffice it to say that memory and CPU usage never looked like this. Network performance is pretty speedy, too.

I was just attempting to do some real work. I had eight or so high-resolution images open in (each one roughly 4.5MB), a couple of browser tabs open to update a web site, a spreadsheet (Open Office), Picasa, and PostBox.

The only quibble I’ve got is the keyboard. It’s a little clunky and noisy, with a sort of gritty feel. I was hoping for the smooth, silky response you usually get from keyboards these days.

But it’s wireless! And still, I have yet to find myself waiting around for the PC to finish what it thinks it should be doing before it does what I ask it to.

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