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Here are some rundowns on recent projects I’ve taken on.

Itchy Banquet

Local author Elizabeth Trundle needed her blog updated and modernized. We kept it on WordPress, but started with the highly customizable Suffusion theme. Suffusion, while nice and fairly comprehensive in what it lets you do, still had a lot of aspects we needed to blow away. Too many rules and borders for example. So I cooked up a child theme and went with that.

We use it to control the widget displays, bring in a Google font and another web font, change around the main header, further control the responsive-design features, move around elements of the slider (which we then removed, but there they are if we need them), add some custom background colors, pagination links, eliminate sidebar background colors and borders, and more.

After a hundred little configuration tweaks we arrived at a final site, which launched this week.

More Blog Customization

Taking the lead from several commentators who just love the Twenty Fourteen theme except for ____________, I used the Fourteen Extended plugin and some Photoshop work to build a child theme for The first place we used it was on our department blog:

I set up fourteen branded banner images that our bloggers can choose from, using a custom functions.php file, as well as modifying the basic black background to our own #004488 corporate blue.

Speaking of Which

Our department blog has rundowns on a couple of other projects I did, if you’re a prospective client interested in what I do. The “Check In” program uses a combination of server-side programming with hand-held devices.

And the TIR/RA program is very elaborate.

Check ’em out.

Tom McGee has been building web sites since 1995, and blogging here since 2006. Currently a senior developer at Seton Hall University, he's also a freelance web programmer and musician. Contact him if you have the need for a blog, web site, redesign or custom programming!

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