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Life in Ornaments

As life goes on we collect a lot of stuff, don’t we? But some of the good stuff is the small stuff that reminds us who we are.

This is from my mom, who was given it by a neighbor when she was a child. So some time during the Renaissance. Years ago Santa lost his hook so we just stand him up on the mantle now.

In preschool, the kids made craft ornaments out of photos, paint, cardboard and shredded wheat. It has an unnaturally long shelf life.

If I remember right, this is glass containing volcanic ash from Mt. St. Helens.

This is where we work now. Well obviously now.

A matching set of Claire and Alex ornaments.

Speaking of kids, this is a grouping of bulbs I’ve had since I was young, when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Seeing (and being in) The Nutcracker is a traditional happening. Here’s a set of character ornaments.

This is made from a Hampton seashell.


More preschool projects!

I love bird ornaments.

Claire’s little sled.

And the horn section.

The late, great, best dog ever.

“Baby’s First Christmas 1989”. You known who you are!

And what’s a tree without a Star of David? We’re a mixed household after all!

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