Orphan Black

A very unlikely source alerted me to this BBC-America series. E. and I are sci-fi geeks from way back, and while this show doesn’t have any exploding spaceships or high technology (at least visibly) it’s already kind of irresistible.

Anyway, Sarah is a Toronto-dwelling grifter with an abusive boyfriend when one night she sees a woman — a woman who looks just like her — commit suicide right in front of her. Being a grifter and all, even though she’s shaken up she grabs the deceased’s handbag. She rummages around a little bit, gets into her apartment, adopts her car — and her bank account and ….

Lots more. Our friend L. said that it was really interesting at first but then it got dark and weird. Hell, it was dark and weird in the first two minutes.

There are a lot of shows (Battlestar Galactica and 24 come to mind) that are drive you to watch one-more-episode. This isn’t one. You’re not dying to know what happened next; you’re dying to know what the hell just happened?.

By the way, SyFy’s “Continuum” is like that too, especially towards the end of season two.

And also by the way, Tatiana Maslany deserves a shopping cart load of Emmy awards. We’ve only watched three episodes and she’s already playing six totally distinct characters. Really distinct; they are from different countries, have different body types — they even seem to be different heights and weights — even when there’s three of them in the room talking to each other.

Check it out, it’s rather mind-bending. Four stars. Verizon Fios has it in their on-demand section and your cable provider may have it too.

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