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Greetings From New Providence, NJ

I almost didn’t get this picture. The cynical New Yorker in me was saying, “don’t look, be cool.” Fortunately I was 25 miles outside New York, well outside his jurisdiction.

Both ends have steering wheels.

Springfield Avenue, Murray Hill, New Providence, Union County, New Jersey, 07922, United States of America

One thought on “Greetings From New Providence, NJ”

  1. Man that is wierd. Hard to imagine that thing being street legal. Guess he’s been pulled over a few times.

    Speaking of feeling awkward/guilty about snapping a photo, here’s a story that happened last summer while we were visiting Williamsburg with our kids and Rey’s brother and his 29 year old son. We’ll call the son “Snap-Happy” because he was taking pix of everything.

    Jamie and I are walking several steps ahead of the group and we turn the corner and there is an Amish family sitting on a bench. It’s too late to turn around and tell Snap-Happy not to do it. I tell Jamie “Oh no, I hope (Snap-Happy) doesn’t take a picture of these people”. Snap-Happy is CA born and raised and doesn’t know any better. Jamie says “I hope not!” I’ve told my kids about the Amish and they understand.

    We get up a block and i turn around and say “You didn’t take their picture did you?”. He says “I started to but they looked up at me so i didn’t”. Sighhhh.

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